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Posted on: 2016-03-11 13:25:40
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How to unblock a toilet Orpington

When it comes to unblocking a blocked toilet Orpington, there is no reason why it should be a messy job. However, when you find out that you have a blocked toilet, you should stop flushing until you are sure that the toilet is not blocked anymore so that you may avoid overflowing cases. When you add too much water, it is not going to help you in any way since the water is not likely to dislodge the blockage and the toilet may overflow instead.

While preparing yourself to deal with the toilet, you should have rubber gloves and you may want to put old clothes around the toilet. Use old rags and newspapers at the base so that you may prevent the spillage from moving around the toilet and it will help in cleaning afterwards. You also have to decide if you are going to deal with the clog manually or chemically. The option you choose will depend on what has blocked the toilet.

A chemical method has to be used if the blockage is the result of organic items. When the blockage is the result of an object, then you should try the manual method. You may use vinegar and baking soda in the water and let it set for some minutes. Then you can add a pot full of hot water and leave it for the night. When this fails, you may consider using the commercial drain cleaners, but you have to be cautious since if they are not used in the proper way, they may make the blocked toilet Orpington even worse. Manual options involve using a wire coat hanger, drain snake or plunger. These are the techniques used if the block is the result of an object like the toy of a child. Manual options can be messier.

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